TEK Robotics

at Virginia Tech

Vex Competition, March 3, 2017

Team Meeting, October 27, 2015

The Big Event, April 8, 2017

About TEK Robotics at Virginia Tech

TEK (Teaching Engineering & Kinematics) Robotics at Virginia Tech is a college VEX Robotics team at Virginia Tech. This is now our 6th year as an organization and team, and we currently have 40 members ranging in every undergraduate year. Even though we primarily compete in VEX Robotics (this year it’s the 2018-2019 Turning Point competition), the primary focus of TEK Robotics at Virginia Tech as a whole is to teach the aspects of robotics to students regardless of their background in the subject.

Our teams have a strong emphasis on collaborative problem-solving and the design process toward (typically) 1-2 robots that go to compete. Apart from actually building robots for the competition, the teams also work on CAD of the robots, an engineering notebook for documentation, and programming in C++. Coding in C++ is new this year: VEX is moving to the VEX Coding Studio, which will have a flavor of C++ instead of ROBOTC, which was used in previous years.

TEK Robotics at Virginia Tech strives to not only be a competitive and educational robotics team, but also an organization devoted to philanthropy and the advancement of STEM education through the use of robotics. We always plan on giving back to our community in Blacksburg. Some of the events we participate in throughout the year include The Big Event and the Robotics Merit Badge.

Also, please check out our excellent partner’s site: T.R.E. Club.