TEK Robotics

at Virginia Tech


Big Event 2017

The Big Event this year (Apr. 8, 2017) brought excellent weather. Fifteen of our team members volunteered, so we broke into two groups of 6 and 9. The group of 6, in the photo to the right, helped rake a local resident’s yard. The group of 9 helped rake up debris from another yard as well as pull up their weeds. We are grateful again for the opportunity to give back to the community and it was fantastic this year that we could help out two families. Photos of both groups at work can be seen below.

Big Event 2016

In last year’s cold and snowy Big Event (Apr. 9, 2016), TEK Robotics at Virginia Tech had 9 students participate and volunteer at a local residence. The team did some minor landscaping involving pulling weeds, mulching, laying weed block, and laying down a rock bed. In addition, the team also helped prepare a garden for the next growing season by pulling out weeds and the previous year’s plants. Despite the weather, we thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to give back to the community again.

Girls' STEM Summit

The Science Museum of Western Virginia hosted a Stem Summit for elementary school girls, July 2015. The Event Coordinator, Hannah Weiss, invited the team to introduce the young ladies to robotics. Co-President Kaite spoke as the guest scientist to the girls about the design process. The team prepared two robots and a match for the girls to compete. While waiting, the young ladies drew designs of their own robots to meet the challenge and limitations. In the end the girls presented their ideas and designs to each other.

Big Event 2014

As a commitment to our mission to be a philanthropic club for the community, we strive to reach all members of the community through community service, social, and instructional events. We meet our goal by participating in events like Relay for Life, Big Event, and several other community reaching activities. Since the founding of TEK Robotics at Virginia Tech, the club has participated in Big Event on Virginia Tech. Big Event is a community service event that takes place across the entire Virginia Tech campus. This event involves all groups, clubs, and individuals in an event to effectively give back to the surrounding community. To the left is a picture of the 2014 Big Event for TEK Robotics at Virginia Tech where the club did a yard clean-up and landscaping.